It Starts with Goodbye

I’m one of those people who usually finds goodbyes a little difficult.  When my CoMo friends and I go our separate ways for winter break, I’m a little sad about the prospect of not seeing them for a month.  Turns out this sadness is intensified when we won’t be reunited for an entire semester–or more.  To make things even sadder, one member of our group is graduating in May.  So when we got together at the end of finals week to celebrate a birthday, I realized this was the last time for a very long time–if ever–that all my college friends would be together in one place.

I’m going to miss a few places in Columbia while I’m gone.   Booche’s, Sub Shop, and Stephens Lake park, for example.  I’m going to miss a few important events, most notably Amanda’s 21st birthday, Alex’s graduation (those two will probably never forgive me), and performing in the MU Vagina Monologues. But mostly I’m going to miss the people–all the friends, acquaintances and co-workers I’ve collected in my five semesters as an MU student.  Sure, we’ll be back together in June, July, or August, but that’s a long time and half a world away.

Colleen and Angie

My co-workers, including my ridiculously awesome boss, Colleen.


Amanda, Luke, and Jess: The best roommates anyone could ask for.

Allie and James

Allie and James: The two I'd be absolutely lost without.


And most importantly, part of the group of friends that has become my family over the past few years: Danny, Alex, Nicole, Amanda, John, James, Ashes, and Bill.

I love you all, and I promise I’ll visit the Sydney Opera House, go snorkeling, pet a kangaroo, and all the other ridiculous things you told me to do.  I may even think of you occasionally when I’m not too busy having awesome Sydney adventures.  :)


One Comment on “It Starts with Goodbye”

  1. I love you so incredibly much. Of course I’ll forgive you for missing my 21st birthday party. Just skype me every now and then so I know you didn’t forget me. As long as you’re having the most amazing time of your life, that’s all I really need. :)

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