Longest month of my life

Finally, it’s February.

Approximately four months ago, I had a minor heart attack when I realized “Four months from now, I’ll be halfway around the world.”  At the time, I was busy with classes, work, more classes, and more work.  It seemed too soon to be true.

Then finals week and the holidays came and went.  I realized I had an entire month-and-a-few-days to fill before my flight.  I occupied myself by taking an online class, applying for scholarships, spending time with my friends in Edwardsville (who gradually left to begin their own semesters and internships), and visiting my friends in CoMo for a weekend (wherein I received some very good and also some very questionable travel advice).  January stretched on and on and on.

Now, finally, January is over.  It’s 10 days until I leave, and for the first time in a month, I actually have plans for those days.  I need to get a haircut, finish up my class, buy a few last-minute essentials, and figure out how to fit an entire semester into a couple suitcases.

Meanwhile, the Midwest is sending me off in very dramatic fashion.  In case you haven’t heard (ha), the St. Louis area is predicted to get 8 to 12 inches of snow, along with a formidable amount of ice, between now and Wednesday evening.  Schools (even Mizzou!) and non-essential businesses are closed.  Blizzard warnings have been issued.  Flights to and from Lambert Airport are grounded.  Power outages are imminent.  It’s certainly exciting, but honestly I’d like my boring January back.  Because if this mess isn’t cleared out (or worse, comes back) in the next 10 days, well, I’m screwed.  Once I get out of St. Louis, I should be fine.  My only stop before Sydney is in L.A., which doesn’t have a history of severe winter weather in February (or ever, for that matter).  But if my flight from STL is canceled, I’ll miss my connection in L.A., thus missing my flight to Sydney.  Catching the next one would get me to Sydney between one and several days late, meaning I miss some orientation activities and also have to hassle with the airline to get my flight switched with minimum financial trauma.

I’m sure I’ll be checking the weather forecast somewhat obsessively, but there’s not much I can do about it.  So for now, I’m just wrapping up last-minute tasks and praying for no snow on February 11.  Oh yeah, and if our power could stay on for the next few days, that’d be awesome too.


A view from the window. Maybe eventually I'll venture outside.


Everything just looks slippery.


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