Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

It’s kind of like leaving for college all over again.

It’s my last night in America for four months.  I’m packing like crazy, finishing up last minute everything, and having sentimental conversations with my family and friends about how fast we’re all growing up.

Maybe eventually I’ll go to sleep, because in the next few days, I’ll be spending a total of 29 hours in airports and on planes.  Twenty nine hours.  I have an iPod, my computer, a pillow, and a few carefully selected books.  I hope I’m prepared.

If I get bored enough, I may even read the Harry Potter book. Stay tuned.


One Comment on “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!”

  1. Definitely keep Harry Potter in that pile – have you read the HP series before? Nice blog, by the way. On mine, I just wrote a review of the first chapter in the Lord of the Rings. Have you read those? Sorry – I’m asking lots of questions – lol – just interested. here’s my blog if you want to check it out:

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