Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanic Gardens

It’s past midnight, but blogging is more fun than sleeping.

Tonight, a few people and I took the subway downtown for a harbour cruise for international students (which I will blog about later, in an effort to keep you in suspense).  We intentionally got there early so we’d have time to explore a little.  We took pictures of the Sydney Opera House with all the other tourists and walked around the Royal Botanic Gardens.  I’m sure I will be visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens several more times.  Why?  Here’s why:

Free range and free of charge. Gives the Missouri Botanical Garden a run for its money.

And here’s some more motivation for me to visit this lovely spot again in the future.  We only covered about half of the park.  If that.

A tree.

Some more trees.

One of several iconic Syndey views.

The birds are quite friendly.

The Botanic Gardens are adjacent to the Sydney Opera House, so we walked around it.  I hope to go to a performance there sometime this semester.

Lots of steps.

The Opera House's seashell alter ego.

This is what the sails look like up close.

Tourists doing their touristy things around the Opera House.


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