Australian Animals

This post is for everyone who went, “ZOMG take a picture of a kangaroo/koala/poisonous snake for me!” when I told them I was going to Australia.  You know who you are.  So here you go.

A kangaroo. Honestly, they're much bigger than I expected.

A koala. Much cuter than I expected.

A very large green bug. Everything else may be bigger in Texas, but the insects are definitely bigger in Australia.

A saltwater crocodile named Rex. Fortunately, he and I were separated by a pane of glass.

A snake. I don't remember what kind, but it's probably venomous.

Today, a friend and I visited Sydney Wildlife World in Darling Harbour.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in that part of town, and I probably won’t, because it’s pretty much a giant tourist trap.  Anyway, Wildlife World is a zoo/museum that’s mostly indoors, but has exhibits of all kinds of Australian animals. I went there in lieu of the Taronga Zoo, because the zoo is more expensive and I didn’t feel the need to see animals from all over the world–I can do that in St. Louis.  Wildlife World was a good introduction to Australia’s animals, and a good way to see species I’d rather not come across in their natural habitats (Sydney Funnel-web Spider, anyone?).  I wouldn’t consider it a must-do for Sydney visitors, but it wasn’t a bad way to spend a few hours and several dollars.  Eventually, of course, I’ll get some pictures of kangaroos in their natural habitats.  And cuddle a koala.

Wildlife World is right next door to Sydney Aquarium on Darling Harbour (told you it was a tourist trap), so we went there as well.  I would recommend it over Wildlife World–if only for the walk-through fish tanks.  It’s difficult to take photos through glass in weird light with a point-and-shoot, but I tried.

A "common Sydney octopus": just your average everyday octopus.

Leafy sea dragons have got to be one of the weirdest and therefore coolest creatures on the planet.

Look, I found Nemo!

Both museums were randomly and inexplicably taken over by exhibits of giant LEGO creations.  Not that I’m complaining, because LEGOs are awesome.

Lego tourists.

Lego shark.

After the aquarium, I put away my guidebook and took off my socks with sandals (kidding) and went to explore some less touristy parts of Sydney.  But more about that later, after I get some homework done.


2 Comments on “Australian Animals”

  1. Kelsey Kind says:

    So these are like half of my favorite animals ever. I love Koala Bears! I’m so jealous! I hope your having a blast

  2. kylietutko says:

    hello your blog is so great! ha ha that seems like one of those spam comments but really, i am truly enjoying reading everything you’re doing. i’m very excited that you saw nemo too! keep having a great time!

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