Mass, Music, and…McDonald’s?!?!

This Sunday at 2 a.m., Daylight Savings Time ended in Australia. Unfortunately, I forgot this little detail, failed to reset my alarm clock, and missed out on the extra hour of sleep. I did, however, gain an hour of Facebook chatting with Lyndsey about the Cardinals, which was nice. (As much as I love baseball, it is, understandably, pretty low on the priority list right now.)

After getting up too early, I went to the Solemn Sung Mass at St. Mary’s Catherdral. I’ll spare you the details, except to say that it was a nice Mass and that people who use their phones during church services should be excommunicated. After the service, the men’s and boys’ choirs were singing at a fund-raising barbecue across from the church, so they all just walked outside onto the plaza in their choir robes and everything. The talking and laughing was quite an amusing juxtaposition to the solemn music they were performing during Mass just minutes before.

After Mass, I walked over to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, because it’s basically right next door.  Apparently there are free concerts in the 19th century Australian Art gallery every Sunday from 12:30-1:30. I discovered this at 12:30 and spent the next hour in pretentious classical music lover’s heaven.  I also took some photos of some of my favourite paintings at the museum.

This painting, besides being large and colorful and just a lot of fun, has an interesting story. The artist, Australian Robert Owen, painted each square one color to match his mood every 30 minutes for 80 days. I wonder if he woke himself up every 30 minutes or if sleeping time doesn't count.

If you know me, I'm sure you'll understand why I liked this one.

This one's called "The Curve of the Bridge" and was painted by Sydneysider Grace Cossington Smith in 1928-9, while the Harbour Bridge was under construction. I can't explain why I love this painting so much. Maybe because it's so quintessentially, unmistakably Sydney.

I left the museum and took the harbourside path through the Royal Botanic Gardens to Circular Quay. Sydney Harbour deserves its own blog post, and it will get one eventually. For now let me just say that if it were a person I’d marry it.

So sparkly.

By the time I tore myself away from the harbour, I was kind of hungry. I walked to George Street and found…McDonald’s. To Australian’s, it’s Macca’s. To us, it’s Mickey D’s. But either way, it’s the same concept.

Yes, I went to McDonald’s for lunch. In Sydney. But let me explain. The thing about McDonald’s is that they’re not all exactly the same. Each one is a little different. I’ve heard some in Florida serve clam chowder, for example. So I wanted to see how Australian ones were different. Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve been to an American McDonald’s that I don’t really know what a normal menu item is, so I couldn’t really compare. One thing I did notice is this McDonald’s doesn’t have a dollar menu. It has a $2 menu, and there are like three items on it. Gotta love a city where you can buy literally nothing for less than $1.

I ordered a cheeseburger value meal ($4.75) with a Coke. And guess what it tasted like?  A McDonald’s cheeseburger value meal. With fries and a Coke.

So now I know. The buildings and menus may look slightly different, but McDonald’s food tastes the same everywhere. Curiousity satisfied and experiment concluded, I took the train back to college, where I enjoyed some real food–an ice cream sundae.

Oh, and I guess I had dinner too.


2 Comments on “Mass, Music, and…McDonald’s?!?!”

  1. Amy Kerkemeyer says:

    The McDonalds here in Hawaii serve spam and rice for breakfast and you can get a taro or haupia (coconut) pie. So sometimes you do get some interesting local foods on the menu. Not sure if they have dollar items here, we don’t eat there much either :)

  2. kylietutko says:

    i went to mcdonald’s in my study abroad country too!
    we don’t have the dollar menu here either- everything is waay expensive. also all of the menu items in argentina have different names (i mean, apart from the fact that they’re in spanish)- one of my favorites is the mcfiesta- it’s like a party on a burger! but for the most part everything is the same. i think just the addition of a grilled ham and cheese (and the subtraction of flavor) is the biggest difference here. it definitely didn’t taste the same, so you’re lucky!

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